Saturday, February 11, 2012

Elmo and the Big Party!

Last weekend we celebrated my dd turning 2. Such an overwhelming feeling trying to put it all together, but also realizing she is not a baby anymore. I am so proud of all you have accomplished in just two years my sweet Kayleigh, I love you so much! I enjoy all the little moments because I now realize how fast it goes by and how precious each of these moments are.

Our family and friends celebrated with us at our Elmo cupcake tea party!

It starts off with the invites...I used the cricut cartridge "Elmo's party" to make the little elmos that are sitting on this birthday invite. I had lots or sheets of bright paper, and put all the contents of the invite on the picture of my dd, and then printed the pics. Very inexpensive option for a custom invite!

Then we need to decorate. I made the little elmo cupcake sticks to put in each cupcake...but did not use them for that...more to follow shortly on that...

For decorations, we made a pinata. We blew up a baloon and did papermache to make Elmo's head. Then I cut strips of red tissue paper about 4" wide, and the full length of the tissue, folded it in half and then used my fringe scisors to cut into it up to about a half inch from the middle. Then I hot glued these onto elmo's face. The eyes, nose and mouth were cut on my cricut machine using Elmo's Party cartridge.

To serve at this cupcake teaparty, I purchased a red cardboard cake stand at the Dollar Store, and then added my own touches. Firstly, I assembled and then reinforced everything with my glue gun. I added ribbon around each tier, and then the cupcake picks I cut off the bottom and glued onto the cake stand. All made from Elmo's party cricut cartridge.

Same for the loot bags, we bought red gift bags at the $$ store, I think 2 for a 1$, cut the eyes, nose and mouth and voila!

I made elmo tissue flowers and just glued again eyes, nose and mouth.

For food, I made a big batch of beef stew, and then setup a salad bar with all the different toppings for everyone to help themselves!

My daughter and son both had elmo outfits I had purchased on cute! Here is the link: at Fridascloset1 on etsy.

Food, we need cake right? After 3 nights up to midnight trying to bake, I quickly discovered I am not a baker....not even close. I can cook lots of yummy food, but baking is out of my list of talents!

I armed myself with a fancy book from Michaels called "The Big Book of Cupcakes", I bought all the ingredients, even bought all organic too! I mean really how hard can it be to bake a bloody cupcake from scratch??? After two batches and slight burning on the bottom and taste tests that resulted in dumping the rest of the batch in the garbage...I gave in, my time is very limited, I gave it my all, but I cannot serve that crap even to the dog...So I dialed our local bakery the next day....who took my order the day BEFORE the party, and produced exactly what I had imagined....a beautiful Elmo cupcake cake...lots of flavours of cupcakes...Thank you to "Cakes By Stephanie". You rock!

A big thank you to our family and friends who make these special occasions, even more special.
Thanks for looking!

I Love This Boy!

Here is a pic of my ds from a few years ago. I was playing with this clipboard, using some crackle paints and the paper is from Bella Blvd "Super Stud" line of papers. It has some robots and lots of bright colours.

I added some ribbon, and embellies to dress it up and ofcourse the cutest picture of my ds!

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