Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sigh...his first day of school...there goes my baby

Last month my son started his first day of Junior Kindergarten. He goes to daycare already, so this was not a huge transition for him. But when we took him for his first day I was a wreck... I was the one who this was a big transition for! Holding my video camera in one hand, my slr in my other hand snapping away as tears rolled down my face! I had said to my sister in law the week before....oh no I will be fine. Yes, he was fine, but I was watching my baby take another big step in his life and was so proud of him!

So, this was one of my first layouts I have completed in over 7 months. I used the pink paislee line "Old School".

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Catching Up To Do!!!

It is good to be back. Seven months and no blogging is just not a good thing! Sometimes life gets in the way, and I finally sat down two weeks ago and found my mojo again. My scrapbook Mojo that is. Because while I was off and not blogging, I was not scrapbooking either : (

I cleared out the "stuff" in my scrapbook room that was just too much. I was finding all these carefully collected papers and embellishments and stuff was cluttered into boxes, bags and I really didn't even know what I had anymore. I had alot of other things stacking up in my scrap space, and I just could not create there. I never had a clear slate and all I could think about was all the things I should/need to do instead of scrapbooking.

But, scrapbooking is my escape, my memories being carefully preserved, and this is important to me. Important enough to do a clean sweep sort of....well, 6 garbage bags later and many piles of give aways are created and in the works of finding new homes!

It was fun to rediscover many paperlines, embellishments and other things I have collected over the years. I was very selective in what I kept. I am forcing myself to the space I have now and that is it.

I even have a shelf now for the kids birthday party supplies, sewing supplies and gift bags and wrap. Another whole shelf dedicated to my kids crafting supplies too.

I added a shelf from Ikea to keep handy all my scrapbook basics that I reach for each time, and the new little table also from Ikea enables my kids to have a chair all around to have a little crafting time.

Here are some pictures to share, I would love to hear about your scrap spaces and how you get your scrapbook Mojo back! (ok, so my shelves are not that organized now that I look at it in the pics, but believe me it is a huge improvement!)

I also received this week the most amazing price from Gabry Road. So a big thank you for my prize won from my friend Lorena (who has an amazing blog...), by entering us into a contest on their facebook page. Anyways, Gabry Road has a lot of homemade goodness, definitely worthwhile to check out!

So, I will be sure to publish some of the layouts I have been working on this week!

Have a great Monday everyone!