Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Catching Up To Do!!!

It is good to be back. Seven months and no blogging is just not a good thing! Sometimes life gets in the way, and I finally sat down two weeks ago and found my mojo again. My scrapbook Mojo that is. Because while I was off and not blogging, I was not scrapbooking either : (

I cleared out the "stuff" in my scrapbook room that was just too much. I was finding all these carefully collected papers and embellishments and stuff was cluttered into boxes, bags and I really didn't even know what I had anymore. I had alot of other things stacking up in my scrap space, and I just could not create there. I never had a clear slate and all I could think about was all the things I should/need to do instead of scrapbooking.

But, scrapbooking is my escape, my memories being carefully preserved, and this is important to me. Important enough to do a clean sweep sort of....well, 6 garbage bags later and many piles of give aways are created and in the works of finding new homes!

It was fun to rediscover many paperlines, embellishments and other things I have collected over the years. I was very selective in what I kept. I am forcing myself to the space I have now and that is it.

I even have a shelf now for the kids birthday party supplies, sewing supplies and gift bags and wrap. Another whole shelf dedicated to my kids crafting supplies too.

I added a shelf from Ikea to keep handy all my scrapbook basics that I reach for each time, and the new little table also from Ikea enables my kids to have a chair all around to have a little crafting time.

Here are some pictures to share, I would love to hear about your scrap spaces and how you get your scrapbook Mojo back! (ok, so my shelves are not that organized now that I look at it in the pics, but believe me it is a huge improvement!)

I also received this week the most amazing price from Gabry Road. So a big thank you for my prize won from my friend Lorena (who has an amazing blog...), by entering us into a contest on their facebook page. Anyways, Gabry Road has a lot of homemade goodness, definitely worthwhile to check out!

So, I will be sure to publish some of the layouts I have been working on this week!

Have a great Monday everyone!



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  1. I agree with the clean slate theory. I just moved my scrap area to a different part of the house as to start over. I found a local scrapbook group to crop with once a month and it has made all the difference. I even went so much as to temporary erase my blog to start over. Sometimes supplies just clutter the mind. A friend just started scrapbooking and I look at all her supplies and see all I can do with them...then I see my "junk" that dates back so many years I hate to admit. I through some in a pile for yard sale and some of it for the girl scout troop( I am a co leader off). Its so nice to feel somewhat uncluttered now : )