Sunday, November 7, 2010

Challenge 75 @ Let's Scrap

Debby has come up with a great challenge from the Design team over at
So here is my take on the challenge, and the sketch I based it on. I had so much fun doing it, and I was able to turn 8's and 9's into all the letter a's that I needed, and use up some stash in the process!

Thanks for looking,

This one: Use your sticker stash on a Let's Scrap sketch!

How many sheets of letter stickers do you have lying around that you don't use anymore simply because you're out of the 'a', 'y' or 'e'? I know have quite a few.

This my my challenge: Try to use the left overs and see if you can make it into the letter you need. The 'w' most of the times can be used as a 'm', simply turn it upside down. The 'u' can be a 'n', the 'q' a 'b', a 'p' becomes a 'd' (only lower case). The upper case 'Q' can be easily transformed into an 'O' by cutting of those little extensions. An 'i' can be made out of almost any letter. The 'y' can be made out of a 'x', just cut the right bottom leg of.
By looking at your letters you can probably see some more possibilities.

Besides that you can also combine different types of stickers in a title, or use one uppercase letter when you're out of lower case. You can also replace missing letters by stamps or die-cut letters.

My challenge for you: Try to make a layout based on a Let's Scrap sketch with the tips I gave you. I can not wait to see what you all come up with. Enjoy! Don't forget to tag your LO with 'challenge75' (no space)

Next week Saturday (11-12) my DS is going to draw a name and the winner will receive a prize. You have time to upload your layout until Friday the 11th of November.


  1. Love your layout Mandy, you did a great job on the challenge. As a fellow Canadian I got a kick out of your "eh".

  2. Thanks! I know not everyone would get the 'eh! You either have to know a canadian or be one...funny thing is I do say that alot!